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4 Sept 2019

Ilana is a single mother. She works as a teacher in Or Akiva. Despite her …

Ilana is a single mother. She works as a teacher in Or Akiva. Despite her best efforts to earn a decent wage for her children, she still found herself lagging behind and was unable to maintain a basic standard of living.

Last week she visited the local Meir Panim Director, Ilanit. In tears, she said “That’s it, I am finally a charity case, I need food for my family.” Ilanit gently asked what her story is. She recounts that for an entire year, she has not been able to make ends meet. The gas has been off for a year, therefore she is unable to cook food for her children. Now she has had enough and cannot stand to see her children suffering anymore, they need real warm meals.

Ilanit refused to to let this single mother, who is a capable, hard working and respectable, turn into a charity case.

Within one week, Ilanit arranged for her gas to be reinstalled, and made sure her bills were covered. This gave her more breathing room with her income, allowing her to buy food for her children, with the gas to cook them some hot meals.

This was beyond all of Ilana’s expectations! “I had made peace with the fact that I would begin taking charity for the sake of my children. I am totally blown away by the fact that Ilanit refused to help me this way. Instead she made sure I can keep my dignity and feel independent again.

Ilnait also said she would be with me for the next few months and help me sort my life out, for the sake of my famliy. This truly is the highest form of charity and I don’t know where I would be without Meir Panim.”

This is just one of many stories of how we help the people who are food insecure in Israel, we need your help to carry on this journey. Please go here to donate now so families like Ilana’s can live dignified lives, where they know where their next meal is coming from, YOU can make a real difference.

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