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How We Help

How we are fighting against the poverty that over 2 million

Israelis are experiencing

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Food Centres

There are 5 Meir Panim Food Centres that are designed to look and feel like restaurants, not soup kitchens. We want people who are living in poverty to keep their dignity despite their situation.

We work with nutritionists to create daily menus that provide meals with all of the necessary nutrition needed. Run by volunteers, the Food Centres offer more than just a hot meal – they offer genuine friendship.

Last year 1 MILLION hot meals were served across 5 food centres, with your generous support we can continue to raise this number every year.

Food Shopping Cards

Meir Panim pre-loaded shopping cards look like credit cards and can be used at the supermarket. They enable the shopper to buy the food they need by handing over the card at the checkout for payment. This allows people to keep their self-respect, making their own choices over the food their family needs and without the embarrassment of waiting in line for a food basket.

4,718 Food Shopping Cards were distributed.

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Meals On Wheels

Many Israelis below the poverty line cannot leave their homes due to their circumstances, meaning they cannot go to our food centres. For others, the embarrassment they will feel being seen receiving a free meal is more painful than the hunger they experience.

To fight this we have teams of devoted volunteers that deliver nutritious meals. They also take the time to check on the welfare and health of the individual. They ascertain if they are in need of other forms of assistance, such as minor household repairs. For the recipients, these visits are often their only connection to the outside world.

29,900 ready made meals and meals on wheels are delivered as well as 16,656 Challas for Shabbat.

Power of Giving Warehouse

Poverty isn’t only about the lack of food, too many individuals and families live in horrible conditions, being without even bare essentials like a bed. To fight this our Power of Giving programme collects second-hand equipment donated by generous Israeli citizens for distribution to people in need.

People receive referrals to visit the Power of Giving centre from local Welfare and Absorption services. They choose the products they need for their home which are promptly delivered to their homes.

2,000 families benefit from Power of Giving warehouse.


After School Clubs

Children who live below the poverty line rarely do well in school, which isn’t surprising. This is why the After School Clubs were created. They provide disadvantaged, troubled children with a nurturing environment where they can thrive, offering new hope and possibilities. It’s a place where they can be safe, get help with their homework and receive a hot meal.

200 children regularly attend a Meir Panim After School Club. We need your help to create more of these clubs, reaching more children to give them and Israel, a brighter future.

Our Honorary President & Patrons


Sir Erich Reich Z"L

Former Honorary President

Sir Erich Arieh Reich Z"L (born 1935, Vienna, Austria) was an Austrian-born entrepreneur based in London, who through his charity challenges company Classic Tours has inspired over 42,000 people to raise £60million for 300+ UK charities.


Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis


Ephraim Mirvis (born 1956) is an Orthodox rabbi who serves as the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. Traditionally the post has entailed that he also serves as the head of all British Jews as the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.


Rabbi Joseph Dweck


Rabbi Joseph Dweck is the Senior Rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community of the United Kingdom. Born and has lived in Los Angeles, California and Brooklyn, New York. He studied in Jerusalem at Yeshiva Hazon Ovadia under the tutelage of former Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef z”l.


We need your help

We can’t reach more Israelis without your support, there are still over a million who need our help. Donate now to make

a real difference to help us fight poverty.

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