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Israel Emergency Appeal

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Since 7th October Manna Meir Panim has been on the front lines, working tirelessly day and night, to help Israel by cooking over 1,000,000 meals for people in need and evacuated families.


We support 2,000 displaced families with apartments, furniture, food, clothing, household goods, and toys.  Together with providing 6,000 meals for soldiers and for evacuated families EVERY DAY.


Our centres distribute 250,000 essential care packages for soldiers as well as organising BBQs, relaxation tents for soldiers in between shifts with games and treats, brunches for hundreds of soldiers, a wedding celebration and much more!

Thanks to your donation we can continue to provide essential food, shelter and support to an additional 6,000 people a day  – most of them are people who had to leave their homes in Southern Israel.

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