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High-Holidays 2022: Or Akiva Emergency Kitchen Project

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During Covid, Or Akiva, one of Manna Meir Panim’s five branches recognised the immediate need to provide cooked meals to those who needed it most. They stepped up to the plate providing meals for up to 2,000 people per day.

Post covid, with the cost-of-living crisis and the war in Ukraine, cost of essentials has increased - This affects the poor more than anyone else.

This pressing situation has continued with up to 800 people per day being served meals from their makeshift kitchen, consisting of a tiny stove, oven and a pitiful counter space - it is almost impossible to believe that a kitchen of that size has been able to churn out such a high volume of food.

Alarmingly, the Israeli Ministry of Health has threatened to shut it down as it does not conform to the required health and safety specifications.  Due to the benevolence and compassion of one of the Ministry’s senior staff members, Meir Panim have been given an extension with a list of conditions that must be fulfilled with immediacy in order for the kitchen to remain open.

This essentially requires a new kitchen to be built which will greatly improve their current infrastructure.  BUT, if these changes cannot be implemented, this crucial part of the charity in Or Akiva will be forced to shut down, severely impacting hundreds of families who rely on these services to stay afloat.

We are proud to launch our “Building the Future of Israel” Project and over the course of the coming year we will aim to address the many aspects of Manna Meir Panim that require improvement to ensure a robust future for the charity.  We are starting the New Year with the Or Akiva Emergency Kitchen Project.

Please start the New Year by partnering with us - your donation will not only feed families in need this Rosh Hashanah, and during the High-Holidays but also help with the essential kitchen project.


Manna has undertaken to raise the funds to provide:

Over 15,000 High-Holidays Meals

10,000 Holiday Pantry Boxes

£100,000 worth of Food Shopping Cards


£50 buys meals for a couple

£100 buys meals for a family of four

£1,000 and over - a contribution towards the new kitchen in Or Akiva

Thank you and Shana Tova

Plans for the new Or Akiva Kitchen

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