The Oleg initiative in memory of Oleg

Nataliya Makhonina-Byrdan, who runs a leading estate agency: UK Property Advisors (, focusing on Belgravia and South Kensington in London, was invited to Manna Gala Dinner just before the Corona by Manna’s board member Maryana Greenberg where she got inspired by Manna Meir Panim work in Israel with children, families and Holocaust survivors in need.

Nataliya, who is not Jewish, has a special place in her heart for Jerusalem, where 7 years ago, doctors were trying to save her twin son Oleg. But unfortunately, Oleg didn’t survive, and he was buried in the Holy Place in Jerusalem.

Nataliya met Manna’s Director, Gabriel Blauer, and together they came up with a new project: The Oleg initiative in memory of Oleg.

Nataliya has decided to donate Manna part of its agency fees from each sale agreement to Manna Meir Panim Food Centre in Jerusalem. Daily, the charity helps hundreds of people in need from different walks of life and nationalities, mainly the elderly. A special plaque will be installed at the centre at a later stage. “I’m very grateful to all the people who were kindly helping me in the darkest time of life, and thus it is time to give back to others in need. Together we are stronger.” – says Nataliya.