The Letters We Receive

“My husband was injured during his army service two months ago. We do not have any income. We are waiting for him to be recognised as an army invalid. Our home situation is extremely difficult and I cannot bear to look at my children. Sometimes they go to school hungry, because I don’t have bread to give them. The only thing I had money for was notebooks. Obviously there is nothing left for new schoolbags and supplies. My son goes to school with his torn bag, which gives him a backache. He is ashamed, as am I. I have asked for help from the Welfare, but they said it would take time until we will receive any assistance. I am begging you…”

This is an excerpt from a letter we received in September, this is one of dozens we receive ever week.

there is NO time to waste.

The two children received new school bags, chock-full of supplies and they received hot meals every day until she finally received the highly anticipated assistance she was waiting for.

This is only one story out of 1000s across Israel and we need YOUR help to keep reaching them. Please go here to donate now.