Transforming the lives of Israeli Children

Shira, a 7 year old from Or Akiva, Israel has a twin brother and a 5 year old sister. Her father died of a heart attack while dancing in Shul over Simchat Torah last year. Since then her mother had been struggling to put food on the table which means that sometimes Shira and her siblings went to bed hungry.

Celebratory Dinner

Last week our Dimona branch hosted a lively and celebratory dinner for local Holocaust Survivors. This time of year can be lonely and sad for those who may not have enough money, time or family to celebrate properly.

Kaveret In London Raises £32,000

On Monday evening, 11 June, MANNA UK Branch of Meir Panim welcomed 700 supporters to a concert by Danny Sanderson and Gidi Gov performing Kaveret.