Chanuka Celebration in Tzefat

Chanukah at Meir Panim is always a special time of year.

Students from the Rav Tachumi High School visited and decorated our Meir Panim Branch in Tzefat yesterday.

This was a particularly special act of “chesed”/kindness as the students at this school all have learning disabilities or other challenges.

They created a wonderful, celebratory atmosphere for our clients, and we are a grateful community for their support and help. It also looks like they had a great time as well!

Also, today is our Uber volunteer Ellen’s fathers yaretziet, and she has chosen to commemorate this 23rd anniversary of his passing by adding light to the patrons of MP by bringing beautiful sufganiot (from the famed Marzipan bakery in the shuk).What an incredible gesture and may we all be inspired by her generosity!