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Manna formerly Meir Panim UK. We have been operating since September 2008, raising awareness and support for Meir Panim’s fight against poverty in Israel.


Meir Panim In Israel

As one of the largest relief organisations, Meir Panim is on front line in the daily battle against poverty and hunger in Israel. We rely on the generosity of the public to help alleviate and diminish the harmful effects of poverty on 1.7 million Israelis.

It was established because the need to help disadvantaged Israeli families break out of the vicious cycle of poverty is something that cannot be ignored.  We provide a range of food and social service programmes, including: free restaurants, meals-on-wheels, school lunch programmes, prepaid food card distribution, vocational training and after-school youth club, which are all designed to alleviate poverty long-term while allowing people to keep their dignity.

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The poverty of 1.7 million Israelis will not go away over night, but with your support we can make a real difference and help alleviate the effect of poverty, short term and long term.

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