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Transforming the lives of Israeli youth

Posted on: 15 May 2017
Igor immigrated to Israel from Ukraine as a young child. His mother always told him that he was “an unwanted accident”, and the only person who showed him love was his grandmother, who died when he was just 11 years old.
His parents lived in the same house, but led separate lives. For a while, Igor left home and lived with friends, at a hostel and sometimes on the streets. While living on the streets, he became involved with a gang of boys who resorted to crime and drugs.
Today, Igor shares an apartment with his father who is sick with cancer, and Igor cares for him.
He is currently enrolled at the Manna, Meir Panim Lod Programme, where he learns automotive technology. He is very consistent with his studies and committed to building a new future for himself. All he wishes for is to build a healthy and happy normal family, which he will support and sustain.
MANNA, Meir Panim’s Youth programme in Lod combines theoretical and practical training while creating a social, economic and communal safety net. The major goal of the programme is to provide young people from the periphery an opportunity to fulfil their potential and promote their quality of life and development.
The participants receive scholarships to Atid College in Tel Aviv where they learn mathematics and Hebrew language, writing and speaking skills, as well as vocational training. The vocational programme is run in partnership with the Hertz Rent-A-Car company in Lod, that guarantees placement for the young adults to earn a living by contributing their talents as staff members: administrators, clerks, managers, and auto repair mechanics.
The recipients of the scholarship/participants in the programme:
20 youths from the city of Lod are taking part in this programme. 50% of them are Israeli Jews and 50% are non-Jewish Israeli citizens.

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