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Let all who are hungry come and eat

Posted on: 05 Mar 2018

Manna Pesach 2018 Campaign

Tomer (36) ‘a regular Israeli guy’ has a steady job making 6,000 NIS a month. His wife, a Social Worker makes another 4,500 NIS. But the cost of living in Israel keeps rising, and he just can’t make ends meet.

‘I hate asking for help but this year, I discovered Meir Panim. I was amazed at their dignified and discreet approach’.

Unfortunately Tomer is not alone. More and more people come to us. They are not needy but in need.

Tomer and his family will receive this year our Pesach Food Card which will enable them to shop like anyone else and buy the food they need for Pesach.

Please help us make this year’s Passover holiday a better one for thousands of Holocaust survivors and families in need who are part of Meir Panim’s circle of giving.
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